Pets Day Out BBQ a resounding success

Providing refreshments at community events is one of our major fundraising initiatives throughout the year. And the 2017 Pets Day Out was no exception.

This very busy weekend started on Friday morning with a dedicated team of Onion Slicers who arrived at 8.30 am for a very busy hour and a half cutting 30 kg of onions and two tubs of coleslaw.

Then on Sunday - what a day!!

It was an early morning for several of us on bread collection duty. The weather gave us a damp start then settled into a warm and at times very blustery day. We started cooking and serving around 9.00 am, an hour before festivities began and people began arriving with their pets at 10.00 am.  By 11.00 am the queues had started and they didn't let up until around 2.30 pm.  By 3pm our service was done and we began packing up. 

We survived two visits from the Council Health Inspector and passed all requirements with flying colours.

This was probably one of the most consistently busy Pets Day Out that Rotary have attended. A huge thank you to all the Rotarians who volunteered and worked solidly without a break on each shift.  Many of them stayed well over the finishing time of their shift and we could not have managed without their generosity in doing this.  For two of our newest members it certainly was a "baptism of fire".

We received lots of positive feedback from patrons throughout the event who commented on how delicious the food was and that certainly sums up a very successful day.