Seaford Farmers Market
Stallholder Information & Requirements

Last updated May 2018


  1. Stallholders must ensure that their activities are wholly within the designated site boundaries and that any signs, etc do not pose a hazard to pedestrians or other stallholders.
  2. Subject to Section B, the Rotary Club of Frankston (Rotary) will strive to ensure that regular stallholders are retained within the site they have normally occupied.
  3. Rotary reserves the right to reject any stallholder who is regularly absent or does not accord with these requirements. 
  4. In the event exceptional circumstances, Rotary reserves the right to allocate a different site to a stallholder either at the time of site allocation or upon arrival by the stallholder at the market site.
  5. Gazebos must NOT be held down by pegs (Council requirement) but must be stabilised sufficiently so as prevent them from being dislodged in high wind or otherwise.
  6.  The current stallholder fee is $50.00, payable to the Rotary Team Leader upon request during the course of the market. The Team Leader will issue a receipt to each stallholder for such payment. GST will not be payable as Rotary is not registered for GST. If circumstances change, stallholders will be notified accordingly.
  7. The Market operates until 1.00pm and Stallholders are not permitted to vacate the site prior to that time unless specifically permitted by the Rotary Team leader and under their direction.
  8. Unless agreed with the Rotary Team Leader, stallholders must vacate the site no later than 2.30pm.
  9. The Stallholder Manager reserves the right to accept or reject any expression of interest from a prospective stallholder.
  10. Stallholders are required to remove all rubbish generated by them in the course of operating their stall. 
  11. Stallholders and their staff can use the toilet in the community hall upon request to the Rotarian's at the gate who will then activate entry to the hall. 
  12. Stallholders are encouraged to use The Rotary Club of Frankston’s Facebook site as well as their own along with any other social media to promote their product and the Market as a whole. 
  13. Stallholders are encouraged to promote the Market to patrons and potential stallholders of other markets. 
  14. Stallholders are encouraged to inform the Stallholder Manager or Rotary Team Leader of any potential stallholder they maybe aware of. 
  15. Sites are large enough to accommodate a 3-metre x 3-metre shelter.
  16. Light vehicles (car, van, utility, detachable trailer or cool-room) may be allowed to remain at the stallholder’s site for health or need related reasons provided that they are contained within the boundaries of the site.
  17. Vehicular access to the site will be available no earlier than 7.00AM.
  18. All vehicles shall be parked 15 minutes before the commencement of the market at 8.00am.
  19. No vehicles or materials shall be parked or stored under trees except under the direction of the Rotary Team Leader.
  20. Stallholders are responsible for advising the Rotary Stallholder Manager if they cannot attend.
  21. It is suggested that stallholders price their products by the unit (ie bag, bunch, bottle, bucket, handful), not by weight. Any scales that are used must be accurately calibrated and visible for the customer at the point of purchase.
  22. There is a limited power supply to the site. It will only be made available if required to meet health regulations or is necessary for operational requirements of stallholders. Preference is given to those who are serviced by bottle gas.
  23. There will be no charge for the use of this power but applicants must indicate their need for power in advance and provide details of their equipment and the ampage required. Power cords must be tagged and tested and power boards should be avoided and may be disallowed for safety reasons depending on the circumstances.
  24. Stallholders must comply with all health and safety regulations and any direction given by officers of the Council or Rotary Team Leader to maintain a safe market.
  25. All prepared or value added foods must be prepared in a registered kitchen, operated in accordance with the applicable Health Regulations and all stall holders in this category are required to be registered food handlers and have a current food handling certificate. A copy of the current certificate must be provided to the Rotary Stallholder Manager upon request.
  26. Stallholders will adhere to the range of products / services as specified in their original application form. Where a stallholder wishes to extend or change their range of products /services, they must do so by filling in the “application to extend or change product/service” form and submit to the stallholder manager by email for assessment and approval.

    The Stallholder manager has the right to refuse or request further amendment if it is determined:
    - The proposed change is outside of the criteria that determine the market as a Farmers Market.
    - Or the proposed change is determined to have an unfair or detrimental trading impact on existing stallholders.
  27. By participating in the market, the stallholder accepts that they are bound by these rules.



  1. To minimise the incidence of gaps occurring within the market site due to absences by stallholders and so thereby provide optimum patron experience as well as a high degree of certainty for regular stallholders in terms of site occupation, the following site allocation policy will apply:

    a) Stallholders who have a history of regular attendance and support for the market will be offered premium sites and such stallholders will be categorised as Level 1 Stallholder.
    b) Stallholders who miss two consecutive markets (without good reason) or fail to respond to requests by the Stallholder Manager may be categorised as a Level 2 Stallholder and may lose their premium site, if they occupy one, or may not be allocated a premium site if one becomes available. 

    c) Stallholders who are consistently absent or are non-compliant with these rules or fail to respond to requests by the Stallholder Manager may be categorised as a Level 3 Stallholder and so will not be allocated sites occupied by Level 1 or Level 2 stallholders or may lose their opportunity to trade at the market. 
  2. Community groups will be categorised as Level 3 stallholders and will only be accepted as a stallholder at the discretion of the Stallholder Manager. 

As Required By Rotary International

  1. Stallholders must have their own product and public liability cover to the value of $10million.
  2. A copy of the current policy must be provided to the Rotary Stallholder Manager upon request.
  3. By agreeing to participate in the market, the stallholder releases the Rotary Club of Frankston, its members and volunteers, from any liability or obligation (including any future liability or obligation which may have existed at the time) to the stallholder (or any person claiming through or on behalf of the stallholder) in respect of:

    a) loss of or damage to any real or personal property; and

    b) personal injury to any persons (including agents or representatives of the stallholder), arising out of or in connection with the market or the performance of the stallholder’s other obligations under this agreement.