BBQ Trailer Hire

If you've been to the Seaford Farmers Market then you'll be familiar with the Rotary Club of Frankston BBQ Trailer
and it's available for you to hire.

Who can hire the BBQ Trailer?

Subject to availability and Board approval, non-club members, school, community and commercial organisations may apply to use the BBQ Trailer for which an appropriate hire and gas bottle refill charge will be made.

What is the cost?

Generally this charge is $230 per day ($200 hire fee and $30 gas bottle replacement) payable to the Rotary Club of Frankston. Also a  $200 cash Refundable Bond is required on pickup.

For Charitable Organisations, consideration may be given by the Board to requests to use the BBQ for a minimum fee if the applicant can demonstrate that they intend to use the BBQ for a charitable fundraising purpose.

When is the trailer available?

The BBQ Trailer is primarily available for use by the Club for Fundraising, Social Activities and regular Club commitments (e.g. Seaford Farmers Market on 3rd weekend of each month).

Conditions of Use

  • Only the BBQ Trailer with a full cylinder of gas will be available for hire (NO tools or equipment will be included).

  • The user must collect and return the BBQ to the Wranglers Shed (Rear 4-6 Carder Avenue Frankston). Otherwise Delivery and Pickup charges will apply.

  • The BBQ must be returned in the same clean condition as it was received, in which case the Bond will be refunded.

  • The BBQ Trailer is not available for hire or use on the Friday or the Saturday prior to a Farmers Market (3rd weekend of each month).

Other important information

  1. A vehicle with a minimum tow rating of 2000+ kg is required.

  2. The Club reserves the right to accept or reject any application for use of the trailer.

  3. The BBQ must be operated in accordance with the applicable Health Regulations.

  4. Upon completion of the BBQ operations, the valve on the gas cylinder must be closed.

  5. The Hirer must have their own Public Liability Insurance Cover.

How do I apply?

Complete the BBQ Trailer Hire Application Form by clicking the button below.

Once  confirmation of approval has been given, you will be required to complete and return the BBQ TRAILER HIRE AGREEMENT FORM, which includes details of the hire date(s); pickup and return times; name and licence number of pickup driver, including vehicle registration number, together with the bank payment details. This form must be completed and returned at least 3 weeks prior to the booking date and payment must be received at least 7 days prior to the date to ensure final confirmation.